A Mothers Story: Judene Goaseb

Judene Goaseb

Judene Goaseb


My name is Judene from Namibia.   I am Jay-Tee Goaseb’s mom.  I would like to share the experience that I have had with CHOC during the past 4 months.  On the first day of our arrival in Pretoria, we were unsure where we would go once we were finished at Unitas hospital after having received the shocking news that Jay –Tee, our son, was diagnosed with cancer.  We were in tears, but the staff at Unitas knew what to do with regards to our accommodation, food and travel.  The next moment we were picked up by Jan the driver and Veronica from CHOC.

Our biggest worry was on our finances.  We were not sure if there were any payments that needed to be made and if so how we would do it but the Lord is so good that he brought the good Samaritans from CHOC in our lives to help Jay- Tee.

It is really a wonderful initiative that was taken by people to set up such a house as CHOC house to help people that come from far, to assist us with free accommodation and to remove the worry and stress of where we will stay and what will we eat, this is really wonderful.

The wonderful thing about CHOC house is that you are not alone and many of the worries are taken away and you can focus on looking after your child.  You don’t need to worry about food, electricity and transport.

I am grateful to CHOC house.  If we did not have CHOC house I am sure that we would have returned to Namibia and not have been able to let Jay-Tee receive his treatment.

Thank you

Judene Goaseb

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